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微信领取糖果数: 500

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Rules of activity:

1、活动开启时间:2018 年 2 月 3 日,首先发放 200 万已领完,因活动火爆决定追加200万的Travel 代币,先领先得;

2、用户注册并填写钱包地址即可领取 200 个 Travel 代币。每邀请 1 名好友注册并成功绑定imToken地址,可再领取 50 个 Travel,每人最多可邀请100人;

3、本次活动领取的 Travel代币 暂时处于锁定状态,待近期 Travel 正式登录交易所后将发放奖励到对应钱包中,领取后的代币可自由流通;

4、【重要】在活动结束之后,我们会验证 imToken 地址,只有正确的imToken地址才能发放奖励;

5、您需要提交imToken地址。请勿使用任何交易所的钱包地址 (例如 Coinbase / GDAX, Bitstamp,Kraken,Bittrex,Bitfinex,Poloniex 等) ,因为您并不拥有交易所钱包的私钥。强烈建议使用 MyEtherWallet;

6、活动期间,如发现用户涉及违规作弊操作,Travel 有权取消该用户活动资格,必要时追究其法律责任;

7、其他未明确事项以 Travel 官方公告为准,Travel 将根据实际情况对活动进行调整,最终解释权归 Travel 所有。

1. Activity opening time: 3/February/2018, The total planning amount of Travel Tokens would be 2 million, First come, first reserve.

2. The user could receive 200 Travel tokens by registering and completing their wallet address. For extra rewards, each success invitation for friend’s registering and imToken address bonding would lead to a bonus of 50 Travel Coins. The maximum invitations for each user are 100.

3. The token for this activity is temporarily locked until Travel is officially listed on exchange and then the rewards would be transferred into the corresponding wallet. The Token received in wallet would be free to exchange.

4. [Important] After the end of the activity, we would verify imToken address, the only accurate imToken address would be qualified to receive rewards.

5. The user is required to provide his imToken address. Please don’t use any wallet address on bourse ( For example, Coinbase /GDAX, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex and so on), the reason is that you have not held the private key for bourse wallet. We strongly recommend to use MyEtherWallet;

6. During the period of activity, if any user has been found relate to illegal cheating operation, Travel holds the right to cancel their activity qualification and investigating his legal responsibility when necessary;

7. For any other matters, if it hasn’t mentioned in this rules, please refer to the Travel official publicity, Travel would adjust apart of the activity based on the actual situation and the final interpretation was reserved by Travel.